How It Works!

Imagine... the next time you need to give your card out.. instantly pull it up on your phone's home-screen, hit the 'Send My eCard' button, enter the recepient's phone number or email, and 'KAMOOM!' they have your card... on their phone...never to be forgotten, lost or thrown away!

Watch these demo videos to see how easy it is to use your eCard, or try it for yourself for free...

How to videos...

eCard Mobile View

eCard is designed to be optimized for viewing on iPhone/Android, iPad/tablets and desktop computers.

Most every item on your eCard is customizable. Show as much or as little as you like by simply selecting an on/off switch in the control panel editor.

Choose from a wide range of skin colors to match your corporate colors or desired look and feel.

Save eCard as Desktop Icon
Share Your eCard Via Text
Upload and display your company logo here.
Display your name and title
Upload and display your profile picture here.
One touch action icons perform a veriety of functions such as directions to your office, one touch call, text or email, a link to your website and save your eCard to their desktop as an App icon with your name.
When this button is clicked, it takes your contact information & profile picture and automatically adds it to the users 'Contacts'.
When this button is clicked, it sends an intro email about you to a potential referral.
When this button is clicked, it reveals a section containing your bio.
When this button is clicked, it reveals a section about your company.
When this button is clicked, it reveals any client testimonials entered.
Custom name up to 2 buttons with a link to you anything you wish.
Display up to 4 of your social media icons in this area.